Music - is it really therapeutic?

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Music undoubtedly makes us feel good. But is it therapeutic? Does it have a place in healing the psychological, even physical, scars of illness? From the intimacy of a neonatal ward to the ravages of cancer treatment, enter the world of three Australian music therapists pushing the boundaries of medicine.

Dr Helen Shoemark, Dr Barbara Daveson, Dr Clare O'Callaghan, Lisa Roulston, James Clift, Josie Anderson, Loren and Henry Hewitt

Produded, Recorded and Edited by Kyla Brettle
Executive Producer, Natasha Mitchell, All in the Mind, ABC Radio National
Final Audio mix by Tim Symonds

Commercial music used in the program is derived from Gabriel Yared's Discovery, Bill Frisell's Music for the films of Buster Keaton, Debussy's Children's Corner and Mozarts Piano Concerto Number 9. Non-commercial performances and compositions by James Clift and Charlene Anderson

(c) ABC Radio National 2009

A warm thank you to the Royal Children's Hospital, the Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre, Helena Kelada, Simon Howe, Allan Thomas and Michelle Matthews
First Broadcast on ABC Radio National's All in the Mind, Jan 31 200


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