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What does living a life of music really mean?

INTO THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC is a story about chasing dreams and ending up somewhere completely unexpected.

In an observational style, the program traces the plight of aspiring musicians as they audition for The Victorian College of the Arts School of Music, one of Australias’ most prestigious and exclusive music performance schools.

Competition is fierce and the jangle of nerves is palpable as we traverse the frenetic hallways where prospective students await their turn, and slip behind the closed doors of the audition auditorium where auditors make decisions that can change the course of somebody’s life.

As auditees confess their secret hopes and unrealistic expectations of where a career in music will take them – auditors and VCA staff, all notable musicians themselves, reflect on the trajectory of their own careers, the shifts in their personal relationship with the discipline of music and the often difficult and confronting realisations they have had to make.

INTO THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC is an aurally rich and warm exploration of what it means to put your heart on the line, risk failure and live a life of passion.

Prospective students auditioning for the VCA including:
Sophie Di Tempra, Cailan Howarth, Katrina Dearnley, Glen Bailey, Donna Chung Pui Yu, Claire Egan, Lyndon Brown, Tam Matlakourski. Lachlan Kingsford, Nicole Carr, Jessica Fotinos, Esther Casas Lowe.

The Victorian College of the Arts Staff including:
Anna Connolly, Eve Newsome, Ashley Cross, Geoff Hughes, Miwako Abe, Marco Van Pagee, Jonty Stockdale, Yvonne Hofler, Stephen Grant, Derek Jones, Robert Schubert

Produced, Recorded, Edited by Kyla Brettle
Executive Producer, Robyn Ravlich
Additional Sound Recording by Tim Symonds
Production assistance and support from Steve Murray, Alana Horden, Alec McCloskey, Alex Stinson
Final Audio Mix by Kyla Brettle

CD: Eyes and Instinct
Title: Eyes and Instinct (track 1)
Artists: Zeno’s Wig: Rob Vincs, Ashley Cross, Serge De Leucio
Producer: Zeno’s Wig
Distributor: New Market Music

All other music used in the program was performed by perspective students auditioning for the Victorian College of the Arts School of Music during November-December 2006. Audition recordings by Tim Symonds, rehearsal recordings by Kyla Brettle.

Commissioned by Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National, Into the Music

A warm thank you to Kate Mazoudier, VCA staff and prospective students who contributed to the production and made this program possible. And also thank you to my test listeners who lent me their ears when I distrusted my own: Michelle Matthews, Allan Thomas, Julienne Brettle, Merric Brettle, Tim Symonds, Garry Havrillay

© ABC Radio National and Kyla Brettle 2007


  • ABC Radio National, Into the Music, Sep 2007

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