Tim Dodds

22, Student & Pool Intern

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Skills and Interests

Film & Video, Interactive Media, Music & Audio, Website Design, Video game design, graphical programming, analogue/digital synthesis, Jow-ga Kung Fu!, Mandarin


Sydney, Australia


Student & Pool Intern

A bit about me…

I am a student at the University of Technology Sydney, and am currently studying Honours in Communication. I am writing my thesis on video games; the human experience of aural, visual and textual input, and the computer's experience of human input, and the space in which these interactions take place. This academic interest extends from my life-long love affair with video games, especially RPGs. I have always enjoyed writing in an academic context, and decided that it was about time to throw my thoughts on video games into the fray.

I love the cinema, and have a particular interest in the 20th Century Japanese cinema luminaries (Ozu, Kurosawa, Mizoguchi), contemporary Korean cinema, Taiwanese, and mainland Chinese cinema. I'd add Honk Kong cinema to the list, but I only really like Wong Kar-wai.

When I am not absorbing media, or writing about it, I like creating music (and non-music) using analogue synthesizers, AudioMulch, and piles of VST plugins! My current pet project is building myself a portable modular synthesizer.

To me, Pool heralds the spectacular toppling of age-old notions of media organisations, intellectual property and art politics. I have always thought that the idea of passive, one-way absorption of media is offensive to the human intellect and spirit. I also think that the artist is no more important to a work of art than the person whose heart is touched by it, or the canvas upon which it was painted. By encouraging creative collaboration and the sharing, remixing, and re-imagining of diverse media works, Pool is playing a major role in this massive shift in the way we experience the media, and the way we interact with technology.

Currently working on…

Making a video game level using the Unreal Engine 3.0; building my very own, personalised modular synthesiser; building a time machine so I can get a hold of AudioMulch 2.0!

Interested in joining others to work on…

Sound designs (for film, games, new media), music performance, anything that's weird

People also know me as…

Mr Fossy

Fossy CBE

DJ Smoked Ham


Personal website

[ http://www.mrfossy.com ]