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Remix- It

So...here you can download (for free!) all the tracks from 'Fast Lover', the latest song from one of Melbourne's coolest up-and-coming electro-pop outfits- Peacocks (www.myspace.com/peacocksltd).

What YOU can then do is REMIX-IT and do with it what you so choose, play with it, mash & mangle it, distort & dominate it and in doing so make it your very own song.

This is an opportunity that doesn't come around everyday so i propose you get creating.

p.s.: Once you are done mashing up, please send your remix accompanied by a short bio to: sendremix@gmail.com

We will upload all of the remixes to our website so you and others can view your work- the band will also be personally sifting through the remixes so who knows where your song could end up. Cool.

Personal website

[ http://www.myspace.com/peacocksltd ]


[Gene Pool]