Don Cameron

21, Student & Pool Intern

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Skills and Interests

Film & Video, Website Design, Writing, theatrical sound and lighting


Sydney, Australia


Student & Pool Intern

A bit about me…

Previously a Scottish Y chromosome, a neonate in Sydney, a toddler in Tokyo, a preschooler in Los Angeles, and a schoolboy in Hong Kong, I’m now a confused individual who, after returning to the land of his birth, is in the fourth year of a Media and Communications degree at Sydney University. I’m majoring in Media, English and Psychology, which most people consider an odd combo but I’ve found they all compliment each other rather well, although this could be due to my aforementioned confusus mentis. I have an academic fascination with the development of online communities and the implications of social networking for identity and the self… (Apparently I’m easily amused). Recently I’ve been pondering what it means to apply environmental psychology frameworks (issues of public space, institutional settings, work & residential environments) to online social media… with the idea of perhaps writing my thoughts down next year in the form of an Honours thesis.

My longest love affair however has been with literature, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed indulging this passion at uni. I’ve been able to explore notions of authority and anxiety in eighteenth century novels, the scriptural basis of seventeenth century literature (specifically in Donne and Milton) and notions of isolation and community in sixteenth century poetry (specifically in Sidney and Spenser). I also really enjoy the outdoors (rockclimbing, camping, etc) and love travelling.

Personally, being involved with Pool offers invaluable experience in seeing the development of a creative online community, and also provides me with a wealth of inspiration, entertainment and thought-provocation.

Currently working on…

slowing down. i walk too fast, and am always trying to get to a destination. i need to learn to enjoy the journey.

On a less serious note, university has me working on a psych report into the effects of contiguity & distractors on learning.

Interested in joining others to work on…

documentaries, experimental collaborative poetry, editing video, web design, and whatever people think i can meaningfully contribute to...

People also know me as…

dc, sprondle