Seven Deadly Sins

Project: Seven Deadly Sins

What do you Lust for? And when is enough Lust too much?

Radio National's The Spirit of Things is running a monthly series exploring all seven sins, starting with Lust.

For the next month, we invite you to share your creative stories of Lust here in Pool. Be as lateral as you like. Your contributions can come in any form – fiction, anecdote, documentary, memoir, current affairs, soundscape, oral history, vox pops - or any other expression that best suits your ideas. You can upload as text, audio, photos or video.

As always, please stick to our community guidelines when contributing to this call-out.

Next month we'll be asking to devour your creative stories on greed...

Join Pool, then join the Seven Deadly Sins group. Start uploading, discussing in the forum, and commenting on what other people are creating. The best entries may be played on The Spirit of Things.

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Deadly si(g)n by aronski licensed CC-BY-NC