Public pool

Project: Public pool

If you're making interesting sound or vision Pool has a sweet screening and listening opportunity for you.

We'll be compiling video mixes for public screens around Australia like Melbourne's Federation Square and audio mixes for Sydney's Peat's Ridge Festival.

If you'd like to be considered for inclusion then tag your work "public pool" as you upload to Pool. You're also welcome to tag work you have already uploaded to pool you think may be suitable. If you know of some other pool work by someone else you think could be good do tell us about it.

It's best if you license your work either CC BY or CC BY NC as this allows us to play excerpts and will more likely lead to inclusion in public pool projects.
More info about licensing your work here.

Whatever we put together, we'll release it back into Pool.

Photo by Fiona Kemp derived from /audio/john_jacobs/chlorine_mother_rocks_by_fiona_...