Polar attraction

Project: Polar attraction

Last month I was lucky enough to go on a trip of a lifetime- a flyover the great, white continent of Antarctica.

The flight was organised by the Royal Society of Victoria to celebrate 100 years since Australian explorers Douglas Mawson, Edgeworth David and Scotsman Alistair Forbes Mackay braved the unforgivable conditions of Antarctica to discover the South Magnetic Pole.

The South Magnetic Pole, like the North Magnetic Pole is found close to….but not exactly at…… the geographic poles.

The poles are like the ends of a bar magnet- where the Earth’s magnetic field is vertical. Their job is to filter harmful cosmic rays from the sun towards the poles. But don’t worry- these cosmic rays don’t reach earth. They are trapped within layers of the atmosphere.

Apart from the anniversary, part of the trip was to understand Antarctica’s attraction……

Why do people spend year after year in the most hostile environment on the planet? What is it about flying over Antarctica that’s such a thrill?

Watch this space as people who went on the flight, including students from all over the world share their experiences of going to the Antarctic.

Have you been to the Antarctic or Arctic? Share your imaginings, sounds, stories and images that represent the Polar Attraction for you. Tell us about it?

Do you want to go? Why?

What is the polar attraction?

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Image above: Antarctic sunset from the Antarctic Photo Library in the public domain.