My Street

Project: My Street


Every street in Australia has a tale to tell because there are so many different individuals living in them; the curious characters who hide behind the blinds, the children who play on the street, the elderly people who tend their front gardens or the parents who parade up and down with their prams; even the dogs who mark out their territory, the lost shopping trolleys, the rev heads and the parking cops... The stories are endless. In the style of ABC Radio National's Street Stories documentary program tell us a story from your street in your choice of medium.

In up to 7 minutes of audio or video or via photos, slide show or up to 700 words of text we want you to record and then shape a story that will capture the imagination of our listeners and people who experience it on the web. It might be about one person or a group of neighbours or a stranger in the street; drama on the footpath or quietness behind the closed walls of a home.

It could be reportage, oral history, soundscape, videoscape, vox pops or any other genre of media production. You can use interviews, sounds, your own voice as commentary, graphics, footage, photos and anything else you can create with a microphone, camera, tape recorder, video camera or keyboard.

The pieces will sit on pool and “the best of” will be selected to sit on a site hosted by Street Stories on ABC Radio National’s site. A select few that have stand-alone audio will be chosen for broadcast on Street Stories. Street Stories producers will also be giving feedback about each My Street piece on pool.

Just one proviso, for copyright reasons please don’t use commercially released music, video or images in your story, it has to be all your own work. Or it can be material that’s available under a creative commons license, stuff that’s free for anyone to use. Find out more about creative commons at Creative Commons Australia http://www.creativecommons.org.au/

So, be inventive and tell us about the wonders, the daily rituals or the disasters of your street.

You need to become a member of Pool to upload your My Street story. There are clear instructions about this on the Pool website, at: /help/uploading_and_downloading/uploading/how_to_u...

Make sure you upload an image of yourself, or your street, to go with your story and a short description of the story. Also remember to identify your contribution as part of this project by clicking in the 'My Street' button in the section 2 of the upload page.

If you have any queries about the My Street project, please email: streetstories_rn@your.abc.net.au or call Nicole Steinke on 02 8333 1428.


Claudia Taranto and Nicole Steinke, Producers, Street Stories, ABC Radio National.