Project: GhosTrain

GhosTrain is asking you to contribute to this exciting project that deals with the fast disappearing memory of Sydney’s recent industrial past. Sure buildings can be preserved (and used in new ways) but they are only mute reminders of what has been lost or destroyed, the working lives, the aspirations and the political struggles that are so easily discounted by the developers’ magic wand!

GhosTrain is looking for community contributions that can weave personal stories of Eveleigh. You, or your family are invited to upload your stories, your images and your writings.
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When you upload material, mark it with the
tag ‘GhosTrain’ so everyone can find it.

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And as a last resort, if you have difficulty accessing the internet, or want to make a recording but do not have the gear give Nigel a call on 04 19 49 34 95 or email sonic@sonicobjects.com


This project aims to create a series of audio-portraits of the Redfern Locomotive & Eveleigh Carriage Works encompassing the oral histories and acoustic ecologies of industrial culture. The works will be broadcast on ABC Radio National and be available as podcasts. Future phases of the project will see the audio material transformed into a sound-sculpture installed throughout the Carriage Works and also developed as a GPS guided heritage audio tour of the site.