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Blog: It's taking shape

Yesterday the team from ACID (Australasian Centre for Interaction Design) ran a workshop with key ABC people about the future of Pool and dazzled us with far more than cool stationery and snazzy mental models. They’re in the process of making some proposals for how Pool can best serve what people want to do on the site.

While we begin to make some sense of it all we’ll start with some stats.

How many?
Pool has 1621 users.
1928 items have been uploaded by 484 people (680 images, 499 audio, 422 text, 250 videos, 47 weblinks).
172 people have made 1055 comments.
129 people have been active in the past 6 weeks.
160 people have never logged in.

So while we’re still very much a niche community, we have a much higher proportion of people actively contributing to the site than other online communities.

Why does the Pool community use Pool?
38% say it’s a place to display my work
16% say to give my work a chance of being used by the ABC
12% say to get recognition from the ABC
10% other
8% to find inspiration
6% to feel part of a community
6% to find other artists I can collaborate with
4% to get recognition from other users.

These results are based on the online survey a bunch of Pool people completed for ACID about a month ago.

Most popular?
The most popular words people use to describe their interests on their Pool profiles are: media, music, radio, film, writing, sound and arts. We often hear people talk about Pool as an ‘arts site’ and think, ‘yes but how do we convey it’s so much more than that?’. That list helps. Interesting though to think more about how to change this perception of the site.

A tricky intersection:
ACID suggested that Pool is at the unique intersection of two very different spaces: the traditional top-down broadcast model that the ABC is part of, and the flatter, rhizomatic structure that is the internet. You can see the diagram here.

We’ll keep you posted as the ACID process unfolds. You can see some photos from the workshop yesterday here.

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