• Artist: Kyla Brettle
  • Title: Trauma MP3
  • Album: Trauma
  • Year: 2004
  • Length: 28:30 minutes (26.1 MB)
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Audio: EMERGENCY P3: Trauma

TRAUMA is an observational snapshot of life at the Alfred Hospital's Trauma and Emergency Department in Melbourne, Australia. In a kaleidoscopic style Mark Fitzgerald the Director of Emergency Services, takes us into the heart of his department - a place where life-changing events occur with relentless regularity against a background of routine order. As staff and patients share their experiences of suddenly arriving at the hospital or coming home from it every day, the program explores what place the Big Questions have in an environment equipped to maintain the mechanics of life from one moment to the next.

The staff of the Alfred Hospital and Metropolitan Ambulance Service of Victoria, including: Mark Fitzgerald, Kylie Wilson, Karen Flett, Justine Bradley, Tara Merifield, Gerard O'Reilly, Stewart Hill and Michelle Wooley.

Patients and their families at the Alfred's Trauma and Emergency Department during October 2003 including: Roger Wilson, Rosemary Dimasi, Jenny Sturt, Dean Hemphill, George Quinn, Allen McFarlane, Beatrice Dickens and Adam Matthews.

Producer: Kyla Brettle
Executive Producer: Tony MacGregor
Final Audio Mix by Paul Penton at ABC Southbank Studios Melbourne, Australia.

Commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National, Radio Eye.

All music used in the program is derived from Steve Reich's Different Trains performed by the Kronos Quartet and Electric Counterpoint performed by Pat Metheny.

A warm thank you to Trisha Lee, Richard Girvan, Lea Redfern, Carey Dell, Michelle Matthews and John Diver.

© ABC Radio National and Kyla Brettle 2004

Photograph courtesy of the Alfred Hospital. Image design by John Diver

TRAUMA was the Australian representative in the international exchange series Global Perspective, 2004.


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