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  • Format: Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
Example:  Airplay Lyrebird 'sting'

Audio: Example: Airplay Lyrebird 'sting'

This is an example of a sting used on Airplay. A sting is a mini sound piece used like a theme to introduce and end the program. It can be any duration from 20" to about 50" and is usually a tight little mix of sounds which may include music and voice. We'd love you to make your own sting for us to use in Airplay.




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    03.12.08 — LuQuade

    Heheh, cool. I'm in the

    Heheh, cool. I'm in the process of of recording a chessy love song called 'I am not a Bidwatcher'.

    I thought i might try create a bit of a soundscape as a bridge in the song.
    Jst listening to all the lovely bird sounds now :D

    Hopefully i can acknowledge everyone correctly.

    Off i go!